Commercial Asphalt Shingle Roofs

Commercial Asphalt Roof Installation and Repair

Are you looking for a reliable and experienced commercial asphalt shingle roofing contractor? Look no further than FL Commercial Roofers! We offer a wide range of commercial asphalt roof installation, replacement, and repair services to businesses in Winter Haven, FL. Our team of experienced professionals has the knowledge and expertise necessary to get the job done right, on time, and within budget. We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer satisfaction, and we have the skills, resources, and equipment necessary to repair and install all types of commercial shingle roofs.

We offer a wide range of services, including gutter installation and repair and roof inspections. Working closely with business owners in Florida, our team is dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible service. We are here to help with all your upcoming commercial roof projects.

We are a full-service roofing company specializing in installing and repairing commercial asphalt roofs. We have been serving businesses in Florida for many years, and we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best possible service. The roof is an essential part of the building, and our roofers will help it stay in good condition.

Asphalt Shingle Options

There are many different types of asphalt shingles available on the market today. Our roofers will provide a free consultation so you can choose the one that works best for your roof and matches your design preferences.

Asphalt shingles come in a few different styles. The longest lasting option is architectural shingles. They have overlapping sections, and superior wind resistance. Architectural shingles have an appealing look, and are easier to install than 3-tab shingles, making them the shingle of choice for most asphalt roofs.

Typically shingles are dark grey, but they can be manufactured in various colors by changing the color of the granules. Some asphalt shingles are made to look more like traditional cedar shake roofs, or slate roofs. You can also select your shingle for its qualities of wind resistance, hail resistance, and algae resistance.

Why Choose Us?

FL Commercial Roofers offers top-quality installation for asphalt shingle roofs in the Winter Haven area. Our roofing contractors have years of experience installing and repairing shingle roofs for businesses, apartment buildings, and other commercial buildings with peaked roofs. We always take care to do the job right, and not cut corners. We use high quality products, and follow the best procedures to help prevent leaks and issues down the road.


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Shingle Roof Maintenance

Asphalt roofs are a low maintenance roof choice. The granules on asphalt shingles are essential to their longevity as they help deflect sunlight and UV damage and resist algae growth. For this reason, the less that a shingle roof is walked on, the better. However, once in a while it may be recommended to soft wash your shingle roof. Keeping gutters free of debris and clear of clogs is also an important part of preventing damage to your shingle roof.

Repairing Shingle Roofs

If you have missing or damaged shingles, it is important to replace them as soon as possible. Our roofing contractors can provide prompt repair to make sure your roof stays waterproof and leak free. If your roof has become damaged from a fallen tree limb, high winds, severe weather, or other causes, we will provide a free quote to restore it.